Empowering Mobility: RDO Caters Taters Teams Up with HOPE, Inc. to Make a Difference for Athletes and Families

HOPE, Inc. is the 2023 benefitting nonprofit.

This year RDO Caters Taters is giving back to some pretty stellar athletes and their families. 

Fargo-Moorhead nonprofit, HOPE, Inc., will receive 100% of every dollar raised and use the funds to provide sport and recreation for individuals and families with mobility challenges. 

While the potato is the star of the event, the driving force behind RDO Caters Taters is the benefiting charity (sorry, Tommy Tater).  

“We serve just about 250 families,” said Kelly Buhr, office and program manager for HOPE, Inc. “We have several participants that come from all over to participate in our activities.”  

Since its inception in 2006, HOPE, Inc., has given hundreds of families the opportunity to not only burn some energy on the playing field, but show off their creative side a bit as well.  

From basketball to hockey and dance to theater, HOPE, Inc.’s family-centered activities help participants build skills, relationships and confidence. 

HOPE, Inc., hosts an annual fashion show, allowing participants to strut their stuff and show off their fun creations. HOPE, Inc. / Contributed

“We know not every individual is into competitive sports, so the last couple of years we’ve collaborated with Concordia’s Theatre B for an adaptive theater program,” Buhr said. “That’s become a really cool collaboration.” 

They also host recreational activities like ice cream socials, RedHawks games and more. 

“It’s a good opportunity for the families to get to know each other and create that community,” she said.  

Buhr says the funds raised through RDO Caters Taters will help the organization provide families with these activities free of charge. 

But there’s an even bigger outcome HOPE, Inc., is excited for. 

“The funding is amazing,” said Buhr. “And it will definitely be program-changing. But one of our biggest struggles at HOPE is extending our reach. We know there are many, many, many individuals in the community living with mobility challenges that would benefit so much from our programs. It would probably change their life in many ways, but we just have yet to reach them. This event is so well known in the community, and we’re really excited to spread awareness about HOPE and to really gain some traction in getting some more families involved.” 

Since it began, RDO Caters Taters for Charity has raised nearly $1 million for local nonprofits, including Great Plains Food Bank, PATH ND, BIO Girls and Jeremiah Program. 

Save the date for this year’s RDO Caters Taters for Charity: November 21, 2023!