The Benefits of Giving Back with RDO Caters Taters Sponsor, Sign Badgers

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Did you know giving back may help you live longer? A 2012 study published by Health Psychology found a link between volunteering and lower mortality in older adults. While there is still more research needed to solidify this particular benefit, it is 100 percent true that giving back has several benefits. The team behind RDO Caters Taters knows that, as do our hundreds of guests who buy lunch, purchase raffle tickets, and support the event year after year. Another group that is highly engaged with Caters Taters’ mission of giving back is the event sponsors. Sign Badgers Giving back is important to the businesses that support Caters Taters, including one of the newer sponsors, Sign Badgers. The company itself is only a few years old, yet has been supporting Caters Taters and the local community since its earliest days. Why? Because giving back is important to everyone in the organization. They even recently formed a committee and social effort that arranges volunteer opportunities for the staff and shares the effort to inspire others. In addition to Caters Taters, Sign Badgers donates its time and services to several local causes. One might wonder though: does donating banners, signage, and other materials make an impact on a charity? The short answer: Yes. For the long answer, find out from Kaley Stremick, Sales and Marketing Director for Sign Badgers. Giving Long After the Event If you have ever attended a charitable event, you may remember the food, the entertainment, even the silent auction items. But what about name badges? Signage? Banners and informational handouts? They no doubt added to the overall experience. And while these items don’t immediately jump out as the most memorable from the event, they have one of the longest-lasting effects. “In addition to volunteer time, our company focuses on sponsoring signage for many local organizations,” Kaley said. She explained that the effort ensures charitable organizations have consistent branding and the necessary signage to make an impact, which in turn allows them to spend that money elsewhere. But more than that, it helps to create a lasting impression that keeps people engaged with the charity long after the event. Recently, the Sign Badgers team partnered with an organization, donating their time and materials to create, among the items, educational signage. The charity was raising awareness about brain tumors, as well as showcasing the help and support available for families suffering from them. These types of educational materials created by Sign Badgers helped share the charity’s mission. They helped guests feel more connected to the organization. And they stick long-term, helping to keep a strong bond between people and the cause they are supporting. Connected to the Mission Attendees will see several pieces of signage from the Sign Badgers crew at Caters Taters, with the hope that it will help every guest understand and feel more connected to the BIO Girls mission: improving the self-esteem of girls through empowerment of self and service to others. Additionally, Caters Taters event signage provided by Sign Badgers provides recognition to all sponsors. It helps deliver a sense of collaboration and community, showcasing all the businesses that come together to support one cause. And of course, as with every year, everyone who takes part in Caters Taters can know that every potato enjoyed, every raffle ticket purchased, and every dollar donated will support BIO Girls and its mission. Just like giving back – a one-time effort with a long-lasting impact. Learn more about Sign Badgers by visiting its website. -- Join us for RDO Caters Taters for Charity, Tuesday, November 16 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Fargo. 100 percent of proceeds benefit BIO Girls. Interested in sponsorship? Find out more about the benefits sponsors receive for their generous support of RDO Caters Taters for Charity. Visit our Sponsorship page to learn more.

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