Take Out Lets Everyone Enjoy RDO Caters Taters


When most people think about RDO Caters Taters for Charity, the images that may come to mind are walking through the serving line and enjoying lunch in the dining room of the Delta Hotels by Marriott Fargo – maybe even snagging a photo with Tommy Tater on the way out. While the dining experience is something the RDO Caters Taters committee works hard to make special, there’s a separate part of the event most never see. And it’s actually the most common way people enjoy their pound-tato lunch: Take Out. Pound-Tatos To-Go RDO Caters Taters’ Take Out option has steadily grown in popularity, now with more than half of the event’s lunches taken to-go and eaten offsite. Bell Bank is one company that has been ordering Take Out since the earliest days of the event. Amy Wolf, Vice President and Human Resources Manager, is a longtime employee of Bell Bank and has watched the event evolve throughout the years. She even recalls the early days of Take Out, before online ordering was available and all orders were called in. As the event has evolved and grown throughout the year, participation from Bell Bank has increased along with it. “Efficiencies like online ordering have made it easier for our employees to participate, as the event can accommodate our large corporate order,” she said. How large? Last year, Bell Bank ordered more than 200 Take Out lunches. One of the reasons the company places such large orders every year ties back to its values and desire to offer something enjoyable to team members. Employee Engagement It’s no secret to most in the F-M area that, like R.D. Offutt Company, Bell Bank is focused on culture and employee engagement. According to Amy, ordering RDO Caters Taters Take Out lunch is something employees love and look forward to every year, so the company makes the effort to ensure all have the opportunity to participate. “We order for all our locations in Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo,” she said. Several employees pitch in to help organize orders and take care of the pickup and delivery to the different locations. “Ordering Take Out allows participation from our frontline teams who are staffing locations through the lunch hour.” With numerous Bell Bank locations around the community, and all those potato orders year after year, one might wonder if there’s a pound-tato topping that’s always popular among Bell Bank employees. Amy shares with a smile, “It’s a tie between cheese and sour cream!” Whether it’s giving all employees the opportunity to take part in RDO Caters Taters or simply a convenient way to enjoy lunch, Take Out is a great way for individuals and businesses to participate in the event and give back to the community. Take Out ordering will open this fall. Those interested in placing an order – whether one pound-tato or 100 – can sign up to be notified when Take Out ordering opens. ----- Join us for RDO Caters Taters for Charity, Tuesday, November 20 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Fargo. 100% of proceeds benefit Great Plains Food Bank. See event photos and special updates by following RDO Caters Taters on Facebook and Instagram .

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