Supporter Spotlight – Hays Companies


2020 has been a year of change, and like so much else, RDO Caters Taters has had to adapt. After spending months evaluating options, RDO team members and leadership ultimately decided not to host an RDO Caters Taters event this year. Even though this year we won’t have any delicious “pound”-tatoes piled high with toppings (not to mention all the other great parts of the event), the tradition of community support at the core of RDO Caters Taters for more than 20 years remains unchanged. This fall, we are still supporting a deserving organization, Valley Senior Services, and have been honored to have past RDO Caters Taters supporters join the cause in providing support, as well. One of those longtime supporters is Hays Companies. Hays Companies specializes in consulting for employee benefits, property and casualty, and private clients. As part of the Brown & Brown team of companies since 2018, Hays ranks as a top-10 insurance broker in the country, serving clients in more than 50 countries worldwide. Hays Companies’ relationship with RDO Caters Taters stretches back to the event’s very beginnings, more than 20 years ago. It was then that Barry Bremer, Senior Vice President in Account Management, sought out a way to support R.D. Offutt Company beyond just business. Hays Companies has remained a regular supporter to this day—Barry has attended the event just about every year—and it’s a commitment driven directly from the organization’s core values of supporting clients and their communities. Hays Companies Vice President Joe Housman is new to the longstanding relationship with R.D. Offutt Company, and this year marks his first exposure to RDO Caters Taters. Though it’s one without the usual glitz, glamor, and mouth-water potatoes and toppings, the event’s significance is clear to Joe, especially given this year’s circumstances. “This year, when everything is harder for everyone, supporting a cause like RDO Caters Taters is a no-brainer,” he said. And that no-brainer mentality toward continued support stems from the company’s culture, guided by its core values but embodied by its people. “Our culture is very entrepreneurial, and that spirit extends to the causes both employees and clients find valuable,” Joe said. “It always comes down to the people to drive important initiatives forward.” Whether it’s years of support for RDO Caters Taters or the team’s tradition of participating in Habitat for Humanity projects, instances of community impact by Hays Companies can almost always be traced back to individuals, like Barry, with a passion and a desire to help. “Those examples came together because someone had an idea, got involved, and got others into it,” Joe said. “It’s that personal relationship, beyond business, that makes an impact and keeps things like this going.” --- Valley Senior Services serves thousands of seniors in our community each year, and they have felt the impact of COVID-19 in several ways – but the most pressing has been a significant increase in requests for their services. For years, the partnership and generosity of individuals and businesses has played a role in helping us raise nearly $770,000 for area non-profit organizations, and this year, there’s nothing stopping that tradition of community support. Learn more about Valley Senior Services and how you can donate to them directly.

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