Sponsor Spotlight – John Deere


When RDO Caters Taters for Charity held its first event in 2000, the team served about 750 guests. That number has slowly climbed throughout the years, along with the total dollars raised for local charities. While this year’s totals are still being tallied, the 20th annual RDO Caters Taters event was another success, both in part to community support and generous sponsorships. One of those sponsoring companies is John Deere. Spotlight on John Deere When Ron Offutt bought his first agricultural equipment dealership more than 50 years ago, the partnership between RDO Equipment Co. and John Deere officially began. The two companies have continued to work together, with Deere extending the relationship to RDO Caters Taters as well. RDO and Deere share enthusiasm for more than agricultural equipment, they share a passion for giving back. And that’s not all. Here are just three of commonalities shared between Deere and RDO. 1. Starting with Agriculture In 1837, a blacksmith named John Deere saw a need for a product that would work better in rich Midwestern soil and created his first plow, a highly polished steel mold board from a broken sawblade. The R.D. Offutt Company story also begins in a Midwestern farm field, dating back to Ron’s partnership with his father to grow potatoes. 2. Diversification and Growth Since John Deere created that first plow in the mid-1800’s, the company has innovated, diversified, and grown, both with new products and into new industries. RDO may have begun with one agricultural equipment dealership in North Dakota but that’s just one piece of the company puzzle today. Throughout the years, RDO has diversified into construction equipment, technology, and additional industries. As the footprint has expanded beyond North Dakota, the total number of stores has increased to now more than 75. 3. Global Focus As RDO grew and diversified, it became apparent the next step was to expand internationally. The first partnership came in 2005, in Russia. Since then, RDO has expanded its global footprint to include partnerships in Africa, Australia, Mexico, and Ukraine. Deere has had a global focus for many years. In 1908, the company made a significant move in its international business, when the John Deere Export Department incorporated in New York City to centralize the export of equipment worldwide. Visit John Deere’s website to learn more about the company and the equipment it offers. -- Thank you for your support of RDO Caters Taters for Charity and PATH ND. See event photos and special updates by following RDO Caters Taters on Facebook and RDO Caters Taters on Instagram

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