Sponsor Spotlight – Deere Employees Credit Union


It’s hard to believe that RDO Caters Taters for Charity has served more than 40,000 potatoes since the event first began. Another fun fact: the event has raised nearly $675,000 for local charities throughout the years. It’s because of the Fargo-Moorhead community that the event continues to thrive and give back. Another reason for the event’s continued success: the support of generous sponsor companies. One of those companies is Deere Employees Credit Union (DECU). Spotlight on Deere Employees Credit Union Did you know the #1 cause of workplace anxiety and lack of productivity is financial stress? DECU works with John Deere companies, including dealerships like RDO Equipment Co., to provide financial education and promote better financial wellness to employees. Ryan Cannady, Chief Retail Officer, explains how DECU’s partnership has grown with both RDO Equipment Co. and RDO Caters Taters for Charity, as well as a few common traits across the groups. 1. Teamwork Equals Success RDO Caters Taters includes a raffle, door prizes, and a lot of extra elements to make the event fun – in addition to serving 3,000 guests. With everything that goes into the event, most attendees might not realize the RDO Caters Taters committee is quite small, only about 30 R.D. Offutt Company team members. Considering DECU has more than 40,000 members, the 130-person DECU team is also relatively small. But the work they do is big and Ryan says the small number creates an atmosphere that encourages teamwork. “Our lean staff numbers require us to work together to meet members’ needs,” he said. “The pride we experience when we accomplish great feats together makes us realize we’re part of something really special.” 2. Strategic Growth R.D. Offutt Company is no stranger to growth and diversification. Founder Ron Offutt has always had an eye for opportunity, seeking out ways to strategically expand the business and better serve customers. DECU shares a similar philosophy and, in recent years, showed it in the ways it partners with Deere dealers. DECU has thoughtfully grown its presence within the RDO Equipment Co. team. Ryan says DECU saw opportunity to better serve Deere dealers and created a new department to focus on dealer partners. “We needed to grow the credit union and realized there is a tremendous, under-served market in Deere dealerships,” he explained. “We recognized how well Deere supports its dealer partners and, to us, dealer employees are no different than Deere employees. They all deserve access to DECU’s great benefits and support, too.” 3. Support Growth It has also been within the past couple of years that DECU has grown its partnership with RDO Caters Taters. A few years back, a committee member invited DECU to participate in the event, as a door prize sponsor. This year, they were eager to support the event in a bigger way. This time as a sponsor. “We recognized right away how enthusiastic the RDO team was about Caters Taters and their passion for supporting the community is contagious,” he said. “We’re grateful for our partnership with RDO Equipment Co. and the way it supports the Fargo-Moorhead community. We want to be part of that, too.” ---------- Join us for RDO Caters Taters for Charity, Tuesday, November 26 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Fargo. 100% of proceeds benefit PATH. See event photos and special updates by following RDO Caters Taters on Facebook and Instagram .

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