Platinum Potato Sponsor Spotlight – Rabobank


Two decades ago, a few hundred people attended the first-ever RDO Caters Taters for Charity potato luncheon in Fargo. Today, that same event is entering its 20th year of serving up spuds for a good cause and has raised nearly $675,000 for local charities along the way. The Fargo-Moorhead community has played a big role in the continued success of RDO Caters Taters by showing up to support year after year. The event has also grown because of generous companies that sponsor every year. Among these companies is Platinum Potato sponsor, Rabobank. Spotlight on Rabobank One of the world’s largest financial service leaders, Rabobank’s agricultural ties go back more than 115 years. Today, the company is also one of the world’s largest banks, providing wholesale, rural, and retail banking, leasing, and real estate services in more than 39 countries worldwide. In North America, Rabobank is a premier bank to the food and agribusiness industries. Rabobank works with partners across these industries, pursuing its mission of, “Growing a better world together.” For more than 20 years, one of those partners has been R.D. Offutt Company. Not only do the two companies share key areas of focus in their businesses, they share values and philosophies when it comes to giving back. Andre Baladi, a Relationship Manager within Rabobank’s Wholesale Banking team, gives a deeper peek into the company’s ties to RDO Caters Taters and shares the story of how the Platinum Potato sponsorship came to be. Giving Culture Giving back is an important part of R.D. Offutt Company’s culture and it is to Rabobank’s culture, too. In fact, Rabobank developed seven Cultural Commitments as an organization, and one of them is around community. Andre shared this particular Culture Commitment: “We give and volunteer to better our communities.” He further explained it and offered a few examples. Every year, employees are given two days off for volunteering and for every dollar an employee donates to a charity, the bank matches. “It speaks to who we are as an organization,” he said. “Volunteering and giving back is part of our DNA.” Extended Community A key piece of its giving back philosophy, R.D. Offutt Company believes in supporting the communities where team members work and live. As a company with a presence across the United States, that means extending support to numerous regions and cities. While Rabobank’s large footprint alone spreads its charitable giving far and wide, there’s a component to its giving back philosophy that extends the reach even further. “For us, giving back is about more than just supporting communities that matter to us, it means supporting communities that matter to our clients, like RDO,” Andre said. For that reason, he said the team was excited from day one to get involved with Caters Taters and have remained a sponsor ever since. Upping the Ante RDO Caters Taters began because RDO Leadership challenged team members to give back to the community in a big way. Every year, the unspoken challenge is for the committee to work harder and help the event raise more than the year before – something Rabobank took a personal interest in last year. Rabobank appreciated the challenge, so much in fact that the team stepped up its own sponsorship game by doubling its donation at the 2018 event. “We were so pleased and impressed at the job the RDO Caters Taters committee did at the 2018 event, we wanted to help make it even more successful,” Andre said. After the event, Rabobank even encouraged the committee to add a new sponsorship level so other supporters could give back in an even bigger way – and the Platinum Potato sponsorship was born. While one could chalk it up to Rabobank going above and beyond, at the end of the day, supporting RDO Caters Taters goes back to simply living its company culture and fulfilling its own commitments. ---------- Join us for RDO Caters Taters for Charity, Tuesday, November 26 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Fargo. 100% of proceeds benefit PATH. See event photos and special updates by following RDO Caters Taters on Facebook and Instagram .

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